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Towers of Might is a heretic level that I have been working on since 2001 I believe--if not then the figure is close enough.  I have always wanted to create a massive map for this game that my friends and I could deathmatch on.  I ended up creating just that.  However, as I built this level, I couldn't help but make it primarily single-player.  It just seemed that I could do more with the level in that way, to take full advantage of the features of the editors I was using. 

There are quite a few traps, puzzles, and tricks in this map that have made it stand out, in some ways, from other levels I have played for this game.  The single-player mode is probably the best for all this, but I have also enabled the map for co-op play and deathmatch.  I didn't want to put too many deathmatch starts in the map or too few, so I kind of went in-between.  The map IS pretty big, and I would have kept working on it--adding things--but it was getting too big for even the Doomsday Engine to run properly.  This is why I finally decided to call it a finished level. 

I have played it through a good bit to work out any bugs or inconsistencies that may have slipped through.  I think it is finally at the stage for release now.  I hope you enjoy this level.  It is about time the world had something like this.


(Download Link at Bottom of Page)